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Best Practices of a Proper Design Handoff

Stephanie Goodwin

Launching a successful product most likely has a foundation of people that have worked hard behind the scenes – this includes designers and developers. A well-organized and deliberate handoff from designer to developer can smooth out any potential kinks that would have arisen during the execution process due to an incomplete ... Read More »

Getting Started: Don’t Play Telephone With Your Product

Brent Sanders

Building a web platform, mobile app or ecommerce business there are unlimited factors and options that can be considered.  Most people asking this question of us tend to be in an organization of some form.  Whether you are an established company, a Series-A funded startup or a first time founder ... Read More »

Better Communication, Better Design: Improve Collaboration Between Designers and Developers

Stephanie Goodwin

Behind the scenes of every great product is a good foundation using design and technology. A lot of effort from both designer and developer goes into assuring a successful launch of a product, and it’s essential that there is collaboration between the two to make sure that the launch ... Read More »

What You Can Learn From a Simple Landing Page

John Cifelli

There are a great many ways to start a new digital business. Anyone who has started one will have an opinion and so will plenty who haven’t. My father’s advice has always been the same: “save your money.” Every time. It’s taken plenty of hard lessons to ... Read More »

5 Tips to Finding Your "Product Person"

Brent Sanders

A role that seems to be unique to the startup world is a “product person”.  This is a term that I wasn’t familiar with before getting involved with startups.  I’ve found that when the term is used it refers to a blend of capabilities that are needed to ... Read More »

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