November's Must-Reads:


Reading List 1

Why you should translate your app and how

…to market your app internationally, you need to launch it in different countries. This means you need to localize the app elements based on the cultural, geographic, cognitive, behavioral, and emotional concerns of each country.



Reading List 2

All the statistics every startup should know before pitching to the media

…there’s so much more to a big announcement than just firing a press release and praying it reaches the right audience. Don’t be fooled into thinking that successful campaigns come together with just a few clicks and a small buzz on social media. Getting your story covered by the media requires so much more work



Reading List 3

I just bought my first bitcoin. Here’s what I learned

... what should you be looking for? The number one priority should be security. This is real currency we’re talking about (despite what some governments might think), but rules and regulations are not yet up to the same standard as real banks and other financial institutions.