Native App vs Hybrid Mobile App - Which one for my start-up?

The Short Version

  1. Native is better all-around The right choice if a 4-month turnaround won’t impact your growth plan, Native is a better experience for your users
  2. Hybrid is quicker to market Right for you if you’re pre-funding, seed stage, or trying to beat everyone else to the punch

Native better all around? That’s a bold statement!

The user’s experience with your company is king, and Native has dominion over excellent user experience. You can take advantage of all the tricks to make an app run faster on a specific mobile OS, as well as leveraging all the gestures that phone supports. Add onto that the improved security capabilities of a Native app and any mature organization that understands its customer’s needs has its choice made.

Native App Pros

  1. Better usability (take advantage of all the gestures!)
  2. Better performance
  3. More secure

Native sounds great, why are there so many Hybrid apps out there?

Hybrid is cheaper to build because it’s faster to build, so you have a short time to market. That’s time to market on 3 platforms (iOS/Android/Web) all for the cost of one HTML5 web application. Additionally, there are lower maintenance costs since you’re supporting one experience instead of Android/iOS/Web separately as well as not having to prioritize one OS over the other two due to cost and time. On top of that, you can deploy new versions in a few minutes just like any other web application, skipping the long turnaround times of submitting new app versions to the app store.

Hybrid App Pros

  1. Faster to market
  2. Cheaper to build
  3. Significantly less maintenance (than supporting separate iOS/Android/Web apps)
  4. No need to choose which platform is your key target
  5. Fast to deploy new versions (skip the app-store submission process after the first time)

I’ve made it this far, now please what should I do!

Let’s talk about business priorities. You don’t need to be technical to make this decision for your business.

Native vs Hybrid App

As with all technology decisions, take staffing into account. Full-stack developers will be happy with your choice of a Hybrid app, and finding a talented developer that can create excellent iOS and Adroid apps is a real challenge. Don't hesitate to reach out, we'd love to help you through this decision!