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What You Can Learn From a Simple Landing Page

John Cifelli

There are a great many ways to start a new digital business. Anyone who has started one will have an opinion and so will plenty who haven’t. My father’s advice has always been the same: “save your money.” Every time. It’s taken plenty of hard lessons to ... Read More »

Don’t Design & Dash: the Benefits of a Product Design Sprint

Stephanie Goodwin

I find gratification in creating products that are not only objectively beautiful, but that are conducive to a great user experience. Achieving that end-result come at the price of the digital world’s most precious of the commodities — time. In addition to creating a top-of-the-line product, we apply a user-centric ... Read More »

Moving a Growth Metric with Technology

Brent Sanders

Knowing your key business metrics is crucial to the success of your company. At Fulton Works we collaborate with our clients everyday to evaluate, measure and influence these metrics. Here are a few tips on how to use technology to do this when scaling your business.Moving Growth Metrics with ... Read More »

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First Releases: Moving Fast

Brent Sanders

When customers come to us they always ask us whether to build a web app or native mobile application we have opinions.  Here are the top five things to consider when releasing your first MVP and platforms.1. Do You Need Native?The first thing that you should evaluate is ... Read More »

Validating Your Product Concept

Brent Sanders

Most early stage ideas start with a concept.  This concept tends to involve tech at some stage.  The notion that every startup is disrupting an old industry with tech seems to be pervasive.  The ingenuity tends to rely on the change in a process or way of doing business that ... Read More »

5 Tips to Ship Your Product Faster

Brent Sanders

Here at Fulton Works, we focus on getting to product-market fit as soon as possible.  This means that prioritization and focus needs to change quickly and be backed up by real user data.  There are multiple factors to weigh when building a feature in your product.  We tend to focus ... Read More »

5 Tips to Finding Your "Product Person"

Brent Sanders

A role that seems to be unique to the startup world is a “product person”.  This is a term that I wasn’t familiar with before getting involved with startups.  I’ve found that when the term is used it refers to a blend of capabilities that are needed to ... Read More »

6 Things to Watch Out For When Hiring a Development Agency

Brent Sanders

Over the past ten years, we have worked with a multitude of businesses.  Of those, the ones that struggle the most tend to be startups.  When a new business is formed there are unlimited priorities to get done.  For a product-centric startup finding the technical co-founder tends to be the ... Read More »

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